Lil' Rev

I grew up in Milwaukee, WI. 

Graduating from John Marshall High School in 1987 and The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 1993 {with a B.S. Degree in Community Education}. 

My musical inspiration started when I was just a kid listening to my dad's record collection. 

Later on, I had an early morning paper route,  and it afforded me the chance to purchase my first guitar, along with some rock n roll records and a few guitar lessons to boot. 

That was 38 years ago, and I've lived each day,  to listen to,  play,  perform and teach music any chance I can get. It still amazes me all these years later that I am able to make my living doing what I love! 

I first heard Bruce Springsteen sing Born to Run and Thunder Road in 1979 {I was 11 years old} and I've never been quite the same ever since. 

Music had to be a part of my life! 

After hearing Woody Guthrie sing I Ain't Got No Home, when I was 14, I had to have an acoustic guitar! More importantly, Woody posed a question in his music, that has always haunted me...."What does it mean to be an American?" This is the same question, that, I'll spend the rest of my life trying to answer in story and song.

Gerald Ross

Gerald Ross is one of the finest instrumentalists on the scene today. Whether he is playing the guitar, the ukulele, or the Hawaiian steel guitar, his music expresses a sense of rhythm and melody that is rare in contemporary music. 

His musical virtuosity and entertaining mix of swing, blues, Hawaiian, American roots music and Tin Pan Alley are a joy to hear. And eclectic? When the mood strikes him, he’ll pick up the Cajun accordion, mandolin, bass, banjo, harmonica, charango and, as mentioned, the ukulele—the ukulele is not a toy.

Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward is an accomplished musician, composer and educator, who has become one of the country's top clinicians and performers on the ‘ukulele circuit’.  He is known for his command of Latin styles and teaches right hand techniques, adapting his style and knowledge from the classical and flamenco guitar.  He has been a featured performer and workshop instructor at festivals across the country, including: Reno Ukulele festival, West Coast Ukulele retreat, Wine Country Ukulele Festival, San Diego Ukulele Festival, Port Townsend Ukulele festival, Albuquerque Ukulele festival and many More.  With his partner Heidi Swedberg, he has performed as an artist in residence at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix AZ, and performed at Children’s Music Festivals around the country, including concerts in Los Angeles, New York City, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and the Austin City Limits Festival. Heidi and Daniel were also featured performers at Music China in Shanghai in 2012.

Heidi Swedberg

Born in Hawaii, Heidi has been playing the ukulele all her life. She uses her warm, engaged style to communicate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds through song. She has also helped establish ukulele programs in the US, Mexico, and Haiti.